Home Security Automation

First and foremost we want our clients and their families to feel safe in their home.  Complete Home Electronics will install an advanced security system to provide you with intrusion, life safety and environmental protection*.  Intrusion protection* involves door contacts, motion sensors, sirens, etc.  Life Safety* systems utilize smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and gas (propane and/or natural gas) sensors.  Environmental protection* provides you with property protection using low temperature and water sensors tied into an automated shutoff valve for the main water line. 

We design and install electronic security systems that will allow you preview all visitors on any TV or computer in the home, help scare off intruders and call the police or fire department in case of an emergency. The security system can be integrated with your lighting control system to help deter criminals by automatically turning on the outside lights at sundown and off again at sunrise and by lighting your home when you are away. If there is an alarm, it can even flash outside lights to alert you and the police of the problem.

The security system is easily accessible from any computer, phone, tablet, and/or internet device, allowing you to control your security from anywhere in the world.  

*All of these protections are monitored by an outside 3rd party monitoring service that will notify you or your authorized representatives in case of an alarm.